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The Rise and Fall of Prices - Who's Doing It?

Having just browsed through Kijiji, I've noticed several people that were selling $3000 puppies during Covid have now dropped their price SIGNIFICANTLY! But how? Should price increases be brought on by supply/demand or rather the rise of cost of Food, Veterinary Care, Health Testing, Dog Show Entries, Hotel Fees etc? I would say the latter should be the only reasoning for price increases thus not lowering them when the desire for a puppy subsides from many families. Puppies are not cheap. They require adequate care for 12+ years and I as a breeder expect and only accept homes that I feel strongly will give their dog every opportunity to flourish. No breeder providing proper care, breeding quality dogs and utilizing dogs from afar can afford to charge any less that $2500. Imagine the cost of feeding 8+ dogs quality food. Imagine the cost of yearly veterinary exams. Health testing costs approx. $1500/dog. Paying and Importing Dog Semen for Breedings with no guarantee. Importing new dogs occasionally (cost + flight etc).

I'm sorry but no breeder charging minimal fees is breeding to safeguard the breed and provide you with a lifetime pet. They only care about the dollars they collect on pickup day and wash their hands of any problems moving forward. Even with that "health guarantee" they have you sign, you have to give up the pet you've grown to love with permanent health issues that is very likely to be euthanized in their care in order to get a 'replacement' puppy. Is it worth the lesser cost now? I ask of you - Consider the initial cost and everything that has been put into your puppy by your breeder. I'm telling you, our puppies are worth every penny we ask. I have a full time job - my girls aren't cash cows and we generally only have 1 - *maybe 2* litters in a year, and breed specifically to move forward with our breeding program. ** I stand with Reputable, Accountable Breeders **

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