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A Beautiful Beginning

Our Retired Honorable Mentions


Meet Stel

Canadian Champion Trojh n Pawmarc Buy a Girl a Drink

Stella is in the pedigree of every Trojh puppy that leaves our home. She has contributed so much to our breeding program and we ultimately decided that although she was happy here - we could give her the best Thank You we could give and let her have her own family to retire to - with less dogs to have to share our attention with!  

She now owns a local family and spends her days hiking through the bush with her pal Walter the Australian Shepherd and her two human kids!  



Meet Randy

Canadian Champion Ocoee Wild for the Night

Randy was Krystal's heart dog. He didn't think showing was much fun but loved going for hikes at our local Conservation Area. He knew when we were almost home by the rumble strips as we approached the stop sign into town and would bark until we pulled into the driveway. He was clever. Devoted. And loved our children.

Randy got really sick a few years ago after eating some food with mold (that we discovered after) - in it. His liver and kidneys were in a bad state but thanks to his fighting nature - and I swear his love of me and my obvious distress - he fought the fight and pulled through. 

We were told that his kidneys had suffered and we wouldnt know how long Randy could sustain - but he managed to live his best life until Spring 2021 when his health check revealed his kidneys were once again failing. 

Ultimately, we lost Randy on Mother's Day 2021.  We loved him so much and miss him everyday.

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