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Trojh's Aint Seen Nothin' Yet

McGregor the Blind Springer!

Meet McGregor!

McGregor was born Spring 2023 and is a happy, healthy puppy. Well, except for one thing - he can't see! 

We raised McGregor with the rest of his littermates and quite honestly, did not notice he was any different. He was right in with the other puppies, didn't sit back and hesitate in any situations and was always comfortable being held. And boy was he held!  

It wasn't until his 8 week Eye Cerf Check by Ophthalmologist Nick Whelan came out to tell me all the puppies were great, except McGregor. As he told us the news, I was gutted and felt that I had somehow failed. Both parents have their eye Clearances up to date - they are checked yearly. But still, failure. Nick was quick to say - Now, don't feel bad for this puppy. He has known nothing more than blindness and isn't missing anything. He is content and happy and will live a full life - with some altering plans of course. 

Anyways, Troy and I felt at that point that McGregor would have to stay. When we got home, placed the puppies lunch on the floor McGregor walked over and went around the bowl. It took Troy convincing Nick wasn't wrong -- lol. Until steps, and then it was clear. 

McGregor is carefree and navigates the world well despite his handicap. Like our other dogs, he socializes as the rink and uses his other heightened senses to get around. 

Follow along as he grows - he's got fans locally and we look forward to sharing our experiences with him as he grows up! 

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