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We Offer Boarding!

We can’t wait to make Trojh your dog’s favourite home away from home!

Krystal knows and understands how planning an exciting trip can be met with the stress of where Fido will stay while we're away. As Breeder/Owner's of Canada's Top English Springer Spaniels and Krystal's hands-on expertise with the care and conditioning of show dogs, leaving your dog(s) at our home is a decision you can make with ease of mind.

Our home is located 5 minutes from Hanover on 13 acres of trailed property. Our approach at boarding dogs is to incorporate your dog(s) into our daily routine to make your dogs stay feel like their home away from home! 

Overnight Stay: $40/per day
4 Nights and Up: $35/per day

Scheduled Drop Off: Between 8 am - 10 am
Scheduled Pick Up: Between 4 pm - 6 pm

Payment Due Upon Pick Up

We Offer Gro


Does your pet leave your groomer feeling stressed? Are you looking for a Dog Groomer that works with your pet and does everything possible to make the grooming process an enjoyable one? Our personal dogs are table trained and enjoy their time on the grooming table. We feel that dogs that have a coat that requires frequent grooming should enjoy being groomed and love their time in the tub and on the table! 


Are you looking for a Dog Groomer that used Quality Products that leave your dogs coats in Top Condition and smelling fresh for weeks to come?  We proudly use the same quality products with both our show dogs and client dogs. 

Trojh English Springer Spaniel Rate: $75 

Hourly Rate: $75 
Special Handling Fee for Difficult Dogs: $25


Krystal has the right to refuse unsafe work. If Krystal does not believe your dog is fit to continue grooming, Krystal reserves the right to charge for services provided. If Krystal feels that your dog risks Krystal's/your dogs safety, Krystal will stop groom and notify owner(s) immediately.

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