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Daniel the Spaniel English Springer in Ontario Canada

Daniel the Spaniel

Daniel comes from our first litter of puppies out of Stella - and it was quite the litter! 

With a selection of lovely puppies and this crazy idea that raising 3 puppies would be easy-peasy, I kept Daniel, Yes and their sister Chalice! 

Daniel was shown first. Undefeated in the classes, he finished in 2 weekends. He even made the 'cut' in the adult group as a 7 month old puppy under Mareth Kipp who had many compliments about him during pictures! 

After that, Daniel enjoyed the home life with our family. He then spent a year with the talented groomer Chantel Hunt preparing to be her Grooming Competition Dog. He grew BIG hair but Covid altered Chantel's plans and he was brought home. 

Daniel's favourite spot in the house is at anybody's feet - and ALWAYS beside Krystal's side of the bed at night - and when Troy vacates in the morning, his spot in bed!

Daniel has a very sweet personality. He loves everyone that comes to our house and slowly inches onto their laps as they are on the couch. Truly an English Springer Spaniel! Daniel is venturing into the St. John's Therapy Dog Program with Krystal this Fall and Daniel loves his days at the rink with us - the more people the merrier. 

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