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Policies & Procedures

Expectations from Trojh - Expectations from Future Owners

So You'd Like Us To Consider Your Family -
Here's How to Start the Process

Our Process is simple. We require anyone interested in a Trojh Puppy to fill out our Puppy Application. You can find it Here.

After The Puppy Application

Join Our Waitlist

Depending on our current waitlist and our Upcoming Plans - we may offer you the opportunity to join our list. If you decide to join our list - we require a 'Time and Communication fee' which secures your spot on our list and is deducted from the final balance owing on 'Take Home' Day. 

Puppy Updates

You're on our Puppy Waitlist now.
What comes next? Updates of course!
We will notify our waitlist when:

  • Our girls come in season

  • Are bred

  • Ultrasound Confirmation

  • Puppies are born

  • With 6 week visit date

  • Go Home Date scheduling

You will receive photo updates:

  • Newborn Photos

  • Weekly Individual Photos

  • Random box updates via Facebook and Instagram​


Once we receive your application - you can expect a response within 48 hours. 

We will want to set up a time to go over your application and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have that aren't answered in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

NOTE - Your application does not guarantee you a spot on our waiting list. 


Vet Visit with Dr. Alison

At 8 weeks, our puppies are booked for their first inoculations and vet evaluations.

Our vet does a full evaluation on each puppy. Checking every inch, listening to hearts for murmurs - both innocent and concerning. Checking their dentition and for boys - that both testicles are descended!   

Microchips are scanned and verified and each puppy receives their booklet with their details for pet parents to bring to upcoming vet appointments. 

Go Home Day

The big day is finally here!  You've seen so many pictures, cuddled with your puppy at 6 weeks while also enjoying watching him/her interact with littermates and received all important information by now! It's an early morning rise knowing you get to bring your future best friend home today!

The crate is in the car, lead in hand and paper towel too for any necessary cleaning given the chance of an upset stomach on the ride home.

When you arrive, the remaining puppies will be playing. We go over Trupanion Pet Insurance and provide you with your breeder code and the Go Home sheet to call in to activate your first 4 weeks of coverage before leaving our home.

Our puppies take home kit includes a Food coupon from Purina for a bag of Pro Plan Puppy food and Purina Forti-Flora Probiotics. We highly recommend continuing Pro Plan and Probiotics are a great addition in the coming weeks as your puppy navigates him new home and potential stresses.

Next, we will go over the contract that you had read and agreed to prior to joining our waitlist. We will each initial every page and sign/date the last page. 

At this time, you may ask any questions you have. Once you had your questions answered, you're ready to head home! 

We Love Pupdates!

In the first couple weeks home, expect us to inquire about updates. We miss our puppies and hearing updates reminds us of why we do what we do!

Maybe you'd like to join instagram with your puppy? 

Find us on Instagram at Trojh.English.Springer.Spaniels and hit the follow button! We love when our families use #trojhspringers on instagram so we can follow along on your journey without bugging for more pictures.

Birthdays are fun - expect a follow up then too!

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