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Joining The Online World Again - Finally!

Good Afternoon Friends! Exciting news here! As some of you may be aware, we decided to sell our home and get out of town with our friendly pooches last year and closed on our new home situated on 13 1/2 acres! We chose a closing date of December 31st - which 10/10 I do NOT recommend - But we were finally in what we felt was our "forever" home! Everything was perfect - Until we were told by company after company that they weren't going to be able to provide us internet due to our home being set into the bush surrounded by Spruce trees 70 ft. tall! This posed a huge problem for not only me - but for our kids. Online schooling was put to a complete halt. Cell phone e-mailing wasn't working as well as I had hoped due to hydro transmission lines blocking reception and Covid made it almost impossible to use internet anywhere outside of the home! My "home office" was my Jetta - at night when our baby would "hopefully" be sleeping! I had all but lost hope and was ready to invest thousands into a tower to get internet when I saw a local Company canvasing the roads. I immediately called them - almost guaranteeing I was their first sign up as they were just spraying out roads on their first day when I called. I was told I was in luck and that Fiber was being installed on our country road. But when? I had mixed answers on that one - even up until last week when I was told it likely wouldn't be until at least mid-January. But Krystal at the telecommunications company pulled through on Friday and called us with an installation date - TODAY! We are finally up and running - with internet better than we've had before. We have some lucky future homes patiently waiting for updates - and I really do appreciate the understanding - and we're going to be reaching out within the next week. Our new HOME phone will be installed next week and anyone on our waiting list will be hearing from us with our update. We understand that you've been waiting a bit longer than even we expected but believe me - we've been waiting too! I look forward to being able to post more updates as we move toward the New Year. We have exciting plans ahead and eagerly await sharing them with you! Bye for now, Krystal and the gang!

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