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Covid 19 Puppy Inquiries

Covid 19 has brought the world to a halt and many people are currently bored at home. Maybe you've considered getting a puppy for awhile but have worried that maybe you wouldn't have the time needed to train your puppy? Maybe your children's sports have raised concerns on how available you'll be to get out with your precious baby puppy? Maybe Summer just seemed like it would be the perfect time to bring home a cuddle-y bundle of joy so that you wouldn't be "stuck" going outside in the cold with your new furry pooch? And now you're thinking with everything on STOP maybe NOW really IS the best time to introduce a puppy to your home! The kids are home, you're home and you've now got all the time in the world to get that puppy potty trained and spoiled with your families love. While this all seems so 'ideal' it leaves us Reputable Breeders stressing about the Negative Repercussions this theory may result in. Puppies that cannot be socialized with people outside of your home. Puppies that are not going to be used to being crated for 8 hours when life resumes and everything falls back into our new 'normal'. Puppies that end up with Seperation Anxiety issues. Families realizing that they evidentally CANNOT provide the time they think the puppy required after all is said and done. Reputable Breeders of course ALWAYS accept, if not REQUIRE their puppies be returned to them in the event that our puppy homes cannot provide adequate care for their pet, but it is never something we want nor hope will be the outcome when sending our most loved babies home with their new families. With that said, Trojh English Springer Spaniels is going to go ahead with our late Summer 2020 breeding plans. We will just require our puppy homes to dedicate some extended crate time for their precious pooch while the family spends some time outdoors so that seperation doesn't become an issue. We will require MANDATORY Puppy Socialization classes which are outlined in our Purchase Contract. Our Purchase Agreement is sent out to ALL inquiries sent via our Puppy Application. We sure hope everyone out there is staying safe and doing their best at social distancing. It's a rough world out there right now so Smile, be Polite and remember to thank those Essential Employees ! Krystal

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