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Quotes From Real People

It makes me sad seeing real people suffering the consequences of purchasing from a less than reputable breeder. Regardless of initial money spent, they invest far more in the long run keeping their dogs alive - and in some instances have to euthanize due to Quality of Life.  These people have regrets - and hurt - for being duped when purchasing their 'purebred' dog. But here's the thing - they're not registered - so they are not purebred. And Purebred doesn't guarantee Well-bred either. 

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"The reality is people think they are saving money buying from here. They are not even vet checked. Fur the extra they pay out in the beginning it would be well worth it for the vet check and insurance.... But nope let's just save a bit of money on it and see what happens"

"I’m still just waiting for the next one, but for now he’s doing well."  Waiting for her dogs next grand mal seizure.

"They want us to have her referred to a specialist in Guelph they think it’s neurological. It’s very costly and I don’t think my husband is prepared to lay that kind of money out with no guarantee of outcome. As well the medication things are trial and error for brain disorders. There other recommendation was euthanasia and we are so upset."

"Without education they will single handedly destroy the breeds reputation"

"I know for a fact that they took back a puppy with hip dysplasia and used it for breeding. My dog died from hemolytic anemia at 7. Multiple others from that line head also died or been made I'll and they still continue to breed from the line. They over breed their dogs so instead of producing a few sick dogs there are dozens I have tried to open discussion and I get told to shut up so. .
I also got hit with the heart condition from the grain free and have tried to present the topic and again been shut down so ..."

"Also you've been looking forward to getting your puppy so you over look how the dogs are matted and smelly"


"Mine even came with fleas"


"I’ve felt like this breeder was sketchy since I first brought W home only to have to deal with an infection within the first week. I checked my paper work and the health guarantee is that if they are diagnosed with epilepsy they will give you a new puppy. Like who wants to trade their family member for a new friggin puppy."

The quotes above are from real people who thought they were getting a healthy puppy/dog from a backyard breeder producing puppies for income!

"she’s a Red, it’s a color the AKC recognizes but the CKC hasn’t gotten that far yet, her great grandma was a Red from the states"  As quoted by a breeder that claims her dogs are purebred and registered.

Ill follow that quote with a quote from the AKC breed standard

"Color: All the following combinations of colors and markings are equally acceptable:(1) Black or liver with white markings or predominantly white with black or liver markings; (2) Blue or liver roan; (3) Tricolor: black and white or liver and white with tan markings, usually found on eyebrows, cheeks, inside of ears and under the tail. Any white portion of the coat may be flecked with ticking. Off colors such as lemon, red or orange are not to place."

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