Are English Springer Spaniels good with Kids?

English Springer Spaniels have been a perfect fit for our family as our kids have grown from infant-11 years old in our home. It's always enjoyable watching our kids and dogs interacting with each other while they're out in the backyard. 
Whether its the boys playing on the trampoline while the dogs struggle to figure out how to get to them from underneath - except YesMan of course, because he utilizes "springer' in his name and jumps on the trampoline with them - or Sawyer and Weston digging for treasure in the backyard which only encourages the dogs to get their paws dirty to help them out as well, it's always nice to know that my kids and dogs enjoy each other!

My boys often tell their friends how lucky they are that they get to watch puppies from Day 1 to Week 10 growing. They enjoy sitting in with our girls and the puppies and the girls love the extra company and treats that they get spoiled with. In fact, Stella looked a little pudgy after her motherly duties were finished because the boxes of cookies I noticed were being emptied a little too quickly - Oops!  But she didn't complain! 

We would be remiss to not mention that our boys are an integral part of how we raise and socialize our puppies here at Trojh. From the countless hours sitting with the blobs in the whelping box to puppy eyes and ears opening to puppies starting to get mobile to outdoor adventures our boys are in there getting their hands dirty enjoying every minute with them. Our puppies definitely don't leave here sensitive to anything with help from loud boys who like to include the puppies in most of the things we do! 

So if you've been considering an English Springer Spaniel for your active family, this could very well be the breed for you. But please, just remember that Springer Spaniels do thrive on human companionship so if you're away most nights for kid sports and work all day, maybe hold off on the puppy until you can give a puppy/dog the time that it truly deserves!

CKC Registered English Springer Spaniel Breeder

Ayton, Ontario

Krystal Hjort