English Springer Spaniel Talent Zone

Conformation Showing

Your Well Bred dog may very well be able to achieve it's Championship, pending your breeder gives you the okay to do so.  
Remember, if your breeder is actively showing, they may/may not want your puppy/dog to show. Referring back to the breed standard to explain this, most breeders prefer to place their puppies into family involved homes and skip placing with other breeders so you may very well end up with a quality puppy that could finish rather easily with guidance from your breeder.

If this is something you'd like to continue, talk to your breeder. Your breeder should be able to provide you with the resources you may need to get started today! 

Competitive Obedience Training

English Springer Spaniels are so intuitive with their owners and being Obedient really comes naturally to them! 

If you are interested in building a bond stronger than your average owner with your dog, Obedience training is perfect for you. 

This sport is judged on both dog and handler and is quite rewarding!