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Officially Up and Running!

Well, Trojh's website is finally at a point where putting it out there for the big wide world to see it is something I'm comfortable with ! We take great pride in our dogs - our pets - and we hope that you enjoy catching up periodically on all things "Trojh" . Something to get us started : Trojh is pronounced like the name "Troy". My last name is Hjort, pronounced "Yort" and when trying to come up with a permanent Kennel name I realized that my last name backwards sounded just like my boyfriends first name! I guess I figured we were committed enough that marriage was a real possibility, and while I was okay with giving up my last name on paper, I was proud of who I was before Troy and wanted to keep my last name - somehow. Backwards or not, its still there:) Also, Troy and I are still together all these years later and guess what.. my last name is still HJORT. LOL Hope you're all faring well with the Covid-19 lockdown and I look forward to enjoying the world as we knew it not long ago sooner rather than later, like most of you reading! Bye for now, Krystal!

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