Trojh's Nursery

English Springer Spaniel puppies

Some of our English Springer Spaniel Puppies

Our puppies by Russell and Stella in Spring 2018 sleeping on the floor in our living room while their whelping box was cleaned and disinfected.

pile of english springer spaniel puppies

Martin (Russell x Stella) pictured at 6 weeks lounging in the swing at Krystal's grandparents home.
Owned and Loved by Susaan and family.

english springer spaniel puppy laying dow

Oliver is pictured after his bath before he went to his new home.  Oliver is a Henry x Stella puppy from our Summer 2019 litter. 

Oliver is owned and loved by Gisela S. 

English Springer Spaniel bath

Our puppies are well socialized by our 3 boys.  Ranging in age from 6-11 the puppies are kept busy between them! 

Puppies being socialized

Peppermint Patty - the smallest puppy from our Henry x Stella 2019 litter is likely the cheekiest of them all.

Owned and adored by The Forbes family

Trojh's Peppermint Patty

Naturally this puppy would be our pick puppy!  The puppy napping in dirt here is growing up -  Greta from our Henry x Stella litter

english springer spaniel puppy in dirt
english springer spaniel puppies

Our 2018 Spring Russell x Stella litter

Photo by Anne Raszewski

English Springer Spaniel new puppy!
english springer spaniel puppy sleeping

Here is our Chalice learning how to walk on a lead at 6 weeks old!

We advocate for a positive learning experience and our puppies only ever walk on 'British-style Slip-Leads'