Shopping List

The purchase of your puppy is an incredibly exciting time and like buying for a new baby, I just LOVE to prepare and purchase everything my puppy will need - right away or eventually! 

As your breeder and someone heavily involved in the dog world - we know what works, what may not, what product is new and exciting and the Must-haves that you may not think of.

We have done the ground work for you and provided everything we recommend to you directly. We have categorized the products to make it more readily accessible to you. 

Let me know if you have any questions about our shopping recommendation list or questions.

Home Comfort and Travel Necessities

36" New World Crate Kit - Double Door
Includes Crate / Crate Pad / Gray Crate Cover

Double Ended Clip

For Water Bucket

Water Bucket

2 qt

Comfort Pet Bed 

Highly Recommend!

Elevated Pet Bed
Preferred Comfort

Rescue Remedy

Useful for Travel Anxiety

Toys & Enrichment

Chuck It Launcher

Wobble Wag Giggle Interactive Ball

KONG Wubba - Large

Nylabone Chews

3 Pack Multi Flavour

Chuck It Balls - 2 Pack

Jumping Activation Ball

Snuffle Mat
Interactive Puzzle Mat - Slow Feeder

Dental Chews

Chuck It - Ultra Tug

KONG Tire Durable Chew

Nylabone Antler Chew - Medium

Flirt Pole - Dog Exercise & Training Tool

Health Supplements & Treats

Crumps Naturals
Beef Flavoured Mini Trainers

Grizzly Salmon Oil
Daily Food Supplement

Crumps Naturals
Sweet Potato Chews


Probiotic Food Supplement

Benny Bully's Liver Treats
****Best Training Treats****

Glucosamine Chondroitin / MSM
Joint Supplement 


In the coming weeks after you've taken your puppy home, I will be doing live grooming demonstrations for those of you interested in learning how to doing some simple maintenance for your dog between grooms at the Groomer.

I highly recommend the purchase of these products.
grooming table makes life so much easier for bi-weekly nail trimming sessions. I never do my dogs nails on the floor - control is key.

Purchase BEFORE "Gotcha Day" and bring them with you if you'd like an in person demo!

36" Grooming Table with Arm

Miller's Forge Slicker Brush
Perfect for brushing through tangles

High Velocity Dryer

Andis Comb

Wahl Bravura 5-in-1 Clippers
**Wahl has THE BEST guarantee**

Nail Dremel
The easiest way to NOT cut your puppies nails too short!

Wheatley wares Recommendations

Most of the products we recommend are found on Amazon but when it comes to some of our grooming recommendations - We would prefer to recommend and support our local dog show vendors Mike and Cheryl Wheatley @ Wheatley Wares!

Our dogs are Groomed and Maintained by products resourced by Mike and Cheryl and you simply cannot get a better deal on these high quality products anywhere else.

BRUSH Recommendation  
  **Breezy Brush - Medium Green 22mm
  **Big K Black Slicker Brush
Brush Spray Recommendation
  **Artero Mat-X Spray  (Works wonders removing tangles)


Shampoo and Conditioner Recomendations
  **Spectrum Ten Shampoo
  **Spectrum Ten Conditioner
  **Ice on Ice Shampoo
  **Ice on Ice Conditioner