Frequently Asked Springer Spaniel Questions

Do English Springer Spaniels shed?

Yes, they sure do! It is a moderate shed year round but regular brushing can make a difference in how much hair is seen around your home.
Frequent brushing helps but English Springer Spaniels are not the breed for families looking for a hypo-allergenic dog.

What kind of grooming is required for an English Springer Spaniel? 

The Trojh Springer Spaniels carry quite a bit of coat. Our dogs require daily brushing by their owners. A more professional groom requires undercoat being removed - which can be done with a Mars or Andis rake - for pets, and clean up of the 3 F's (Face, Feet and Fanny). 

English Springer Spaniels are beautiful though and we love nothing more than our puppy families maintaining a more "show" like groom and we're always willing to refer you to a groomer locally that can keep your Springer Spaniel looking top notch!

How much exercise do English Springer Spaniels require? 

English Springer Spaniels are active dogs.  They require more exercise than a quick potty break a few times a day and are suitable for active homes that enjoy walking and running. Bench bred English Springer Spaniels, like you will find at Trojh do not require near as much exercise as the Field bred type though and will happily lay beside their owners on the couch or by their feet. If you are interested in a Field bred Springer, be sure that you understand that they can sometimes be destructive if they do not get the exercise they need daily!

We do recommend waiting until your puppy is over a year before running with it as it can put extra strain on your growing Springer Spaniel causing permanent damage to hips/elbows.

Are English Springer Spaniels easy to train?

I will say that every breed requires attention and consistency while training. 
That said, English Springer Spaniels live to please their owners. Springer Spaniels are often very food motivated and will do anything for a treat! Springer Spaniels love praise too so be sure to make it known that you're impressed with them when they follow through with what you're teaching!

Do English Springer Spaniels bark a lot? 

Short answer, No. Aside from barking when someone knocks on the door, Springer Spaniels are generally rather quiet. If your Springer Spaniel is barking more than usual, consider maybe that your Springer is bored and would like to go for a walk, or maybe you haven't been home as much as you normally are.