So you'd like to get an English Springer Spaniel?


English Springer Spaniels are a wonderful breed for the active family that enjoys spending their time with their pet.  They truly enjoy being with you and are best suited to homes that are not out of the house more often than not or if they are, the dog can be with them on those adventures! 

Bench bred Springers from reputable breeders are best described as "up when you're up and down when you're down" - meaning that they have an "off" switch that more often than not, field bred Springers do not.

I often refer to my dogs as velcro dogs. 



Here at Trojh, Positive training is the only way we train our dogs.  Our puppies are all lead trained on English style slip leads, which we provide for our puppy homes when our puppies go to their new homes.  English Springer Spaniels enjoy learning.  They aim to please their owners and positive reinforcement is recommended.  It is important to know that Springer Spaniels WILL shut down if you come down on them when they aren't catching on to something you are trying to teach.  Yelling and coming down on your puppy will not benefit you long term and it's important that your dog want to follow commands because they want to. I will say that a firm "NO!" when doing something wrong should not be frowned upon and it is used when necessary.

House training your English Springer Spaniel should be relatively easy with consistency.  Crate training your puppy is essential to the house training of your puppy.  House training is easier when you use a crate too!  Springers like to sleep in a clean space and will only have an accident if they are left too long.  It is important that you let your puppy out first thing in the morning, as soon as you get home and right before you go to bed at night. 


A crate is a safe haven for your puppy when you are away from home at work or doing your shopping.  It is also beneficial to use when you cannot pay attention to your puppy while doing chores.  Puppies chew and if they're not supervised they can be put in great danger.  Blockages are an issue that cannot be ignored and can cost thousands of dollars to have corrected - that is, if your puppy can be saved. 

Trojh Springers requires our puppy homes to complete a Puppy School.  We believe it can provide our puppies with a great start in training and continues the socialization that they can lose when they head out the door.  

A well rounded dog is what we produce - and it's up to our puppy people to continue what we've started to create a dog that will be a valued family member.


English Springer Springer Spaniels require regular grooming.  

Our dogs carry quite a bit of coat which needs to be frequently brushed.  If
you do not maintain regular upkeep, your dog will become matted and uncomfortable. 

It is not recommended to shave your dogs hair but instead "carding" is required.  There is a Facebook group that specializes in grooming your English Springer Spaniel that I can share with my puppy homes if they are interested in learning the how-to's on grooming their pet.

  There are also groomers in all areas that we can recommend and put you in touch with that know how to properly groom your dog keeping it looking beautiful like the dogs you see on our website and in our home. 


If you are looking for a dog that requires little to no maintenance, this breed is not for you.  


If you are away from home a lot and cannot spend a decent amount of time with your dog. 

If you are looking for a dog that will guard your home.  
Springer Spaniels will bark when someone is at the door, but beyond that, they are eager to greet the stranger as soon as the door opens.

If you are specifically looking for a couch potato, this breed isn't for you.

English Springer Spaniels are very intelligent and active dogs.  They require stimulation to bring them to their best potential. 

CKC Registered English Springer Spaniel Breeder

Ayton, Ontario

Krystal Hjort